Discover the beauty treatments, massages and programme of the Hotel Garden Beauty Centre. It pampers your body and at the same time brings out new beauty, thus also acting positively on the soul. Because true beauty lies in the balance of body and soul together.

Thanks to the expert hands of our beautician, a beauty holiday in Moena is transformed into a moment of real relaxation and rebirth. From the day of your arrival Romina will be available in the hotel lobby or the Beauty Centre to advise and guide you as to the most suitable treatment or massage for the needs of your skin and even your soul.

You can browse and inform yourself about prices and treatments in our beauty book, or by talking directly with the beautician, which we always recommend. Gerard’s exclusive cosmetics products ensure visible and long-lasting results and assist us in the most important task: to relax you and make you more beautiful!

Here are all the offerings from the Beauty Farm in the Lajadira Wellness Centre:

  • Facial treatments
  • Body treatments
  • Massages
  • Programme and packages

Contact us for more information and to book your personalized treatment. 

  • Personalized facial treatment
    A beauty ritual specially designed according to the type of skin, which frees the pores and eliminates impurities, enhancing respiration and cell renewal. For a fresher, brighter and smoother skin.
    €60,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Soysoy Jaluractive
    Plumping treatment that acts on two levels: on the surface – helping to support the natural defenses of the skin and to return a brighter complexion thanks to soy isoflavones; in depth – maintaining a long-lasting hydration thanks to the action of hyaluronic acid.
    €55,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Anti-wrinkle with Matricol
    Matricol is a Biomatrix of collagen in a very pure and concentrated form, obtained from the freeze-drying of marine collagen fibers. This shock treatment gives the skin elasticity and firmness, and is super moisturizing and re-mineralizing, for skins over 30 years with wrinkles. The high concentration of marine collagen in Matricol has an immediate effect. It relaxes wrinkles and the skin is firmer, toned, compact and soft.
    €80,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Facial draining massage
    A gentle draining facial treatment that stimulates microcirculation, helps eliminate toxins and has a pleasant relaxing effect.
    €30,00 – duration 25 minutes
  • Connective tissue facial massage
    A technique that allows the dissolution of the tension caused by stress and bad postures and the relaxation of all the muscles of the face. Leaves the skin oxygenated, relaxed and luminous. €40,00 – duration 25 minutes
  • Rigenera with marine DNA
    For skins that are highly devitalized, stressed, dull and devoid of compactness. The synergy of vitamins and marine DNA provides the skin with a vitality starter by accelerating tissue repair, reducing signs of ageing and firming the contours of the face.
    €65,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Ritual Candle Treatment
    The alchemy of a multi-sensory and aromatherapeutic ritual for an engaging and emotional massage carried out with candles. Selected butters and vegetable oils (almonds, coconut and shea) nourish, tone and hydrate the skin. Exclusive fragrances intensify the pleasure and effect of massage.
    €60,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Hot stone massage
    This is a suitable treatment for those who prefer a regenerating massage with the help of the heat of the lava stones placed on the energy rebalancing points. Releases tensions of the body and the mind, allowing physical and mental recovery.
    €70,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Hot towel massage
    It dissolves muscle tensions thanks to the rotary action of towels soaked in hot water. The heat carried deep into the skin stimulates the lymphatic and subcutaneous blood system, relaxing tensed muscles.
    €65,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Dead Sea salt body scrub
    Dead Sea salts and essential oils. Treatment that deep cleanses the skin of the body, completely removes the stratum corneum respecting the natural hydrolipid film of the tissues, gives nourishment and elasticity to the epidermis. Functions: natural exfoliator, invigorating, oxygenating and nourishing.
    €45,00 – duration 45 minutes
  • Soap Dream exfoliating ritual
    A wonderful cleansing and anti-ageing ritual using exceptionally pure and precious raw materials: Aleppo Soap, Argan Oil and Stone Bundles. Together in synergy they visibly “rejuvenate” the skin making it incredibly soft, smooth and velvety. Functions: purifying and exfoliating natural antioxidant and “anti-gravity” toner.
    €50,00 – duration 45 minutes
  • Thermal mud treatment
    All the benefits of the thermal baths in different applications. Purifying, revitalizing, stimulating. Ideal not only to treat the imperfections of cellulite, adiposity and atomy but also to restore the optimal conditions of the skin.
    €50,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • White mud “pepper” remodeling treatment
    The synergy among essential oil of black pepper, White Mud and mother water, enhanced by precise manual joint release massage, allows exceptional, fast results on any type of cellulite. From the initial scrub to the final cream, the whole treatment is characterized by a constant aromatherapeutic function.
    €60,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Reducing wrap
    Bandages soaked in Carnitine, Caffeine and Guarana. Components with an intensive reducing effect, return firmness and fullness to the tissues, giving a new density and an extraordinary compactness.
    €50,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Coffee slim: silhouette wrap
    Gel enriched with caffeine extract of sea oak and iodine compound. Function: unisex treatment with remodeling, draining and above all lipolytic action for a redefined silhouette.
    €50,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Iodine saline wrap
    The ideal treatment for the imperfections of localized edematous cellulite, especially on the legs, abdomen and arms.
    €50,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Partial massage
    Localized massage on the legs and abdomen with draining and reducing effect, or on the back with a relaxing and neuro-relaxing effect.
    €35,00 – duration 30 minutes
  • Deconstructing massage
    Superior massage technique that acts on the deep muscle tissue, relieving muscle contractions and aches and pains.
    €55,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Stress-relieving massage
    This is a relaxing and soothing treatment. It envelops the entire body, transmitting energy, allowing oneself to be completely abandoned.
    €55,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Argan oil massage
    One of nature’s most precious gifts: Argan oil. Argan is high in antioxidants, vitamin E, fatty acids and flavonoids. It is an enveloping, nutritious, invigorating and energizing massage.
    €60,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Localized anticellulite massage
    Specific techniques to combat the formation and localization of fat pads, fibrous or edematous cellulite. It improves the circulation and helps to eliminate toxins thanks to its powerful draining effect.
    €45,00 – duration 30 minutes
  • Lymph-draining massage
    Specific manual techniques to drain excess fluids. Improves circulation and helps to eliminate toxins and waste material present in the tissue. Great for muscles retaining waste from physical effort, and for the treatment of cellulite.
    €55,00 – duration 50 minutespsycho-physical balance.
    €55,00 – duration 50 minutes
  • Foot reflexology
    A therapeutic massage that acts on the reflex points of the feet. Thanks to a series of pressures, stimulations and compressions, it helps the body to develop its own defenses and relieve acute and chronic disorders, fatigue, swelling, constipation, stress, muscle tension; very useful to regain your psycho-physical balance.
    €55,00 – duration 50 minutes


Specific face programme (2 days) – €125,00

  • Day 1: personal facial treatment
  • Day 2: corrective and repairing treatment Rigenera with Marine DNA

Facial anti-stress package (3 days) – €165,00

  • Day 1: Face Peeling and Facial Draining Massage
  • Day 2: personalized facial treatment, specially designed according to skin type
  • Day 3: oxygenating and antioxidant treatment Soysoy Jaluractive

Facial lifting package (4 days) – € 245,00

  • Day 1: connective tissue facial massage, anti-stress and oxygenating
  • Day 2: corrective and repairing treatment Rigenera with Marine DNA
  • Day 3: deep revitalizing treatment Anti-wrinkles with Matricol
  • Day 4: personalized facial treatment, specially designed according to skin type


All-over relaxation programme (2 days) – €85,00

  • Day 1: Facial Draining Massage
  • Day 2: Antistress body massage

Face and body hydrating package (3 days) – €165,00

  • Day 1: after spa circuit, Dead Sea salts body scrub
  • Day 2: body massage: Ritual Candle Massage
  • Day 3: personalized facial treatment, specially designed according to skin type

Remise en Forme programme (3 days) – €180,00

  • Day 1: facial treatment Rigenera with Marine DNA
  • Day 2: anti-stress body massage (or lymph-draining massage)
  • Day 3: remodeling and reducing treatment White Mud “Pepper”


Plenty of Pampering package (2 days) – €110,00

  • Day 1: exfoliating ritual Soap Dream
  • Day 2: massage with Argan oil, moisturizing, anti-ageing

Body relaxation package (3 days) – €185,00

  • Day 1: Antistress body massage
  • Day 2: rebalancing and energizing massage Hot Stone Massage
  • Day 3: emotional and nourishing massage Ritual Candle Massage

Slimming package (3 days) – €200,00

  • Day 1: Dead Sea salt scrub + Iodine saline wrap
  • Day 2: lymph-draining massage
  • Day 3: Thermal Mud treatment

Reducing package (4 days) – €260,00

  • Day 1: after spa circuit, Dead Sea salts body scrub
  • Day 2: caffeine and sea oak treatment Coffee Slim Silhouette Wrap
  • Day 3: Thermal Mud treatment and anti-cellulite massage
  • Day 4: anti-cellulite shock treatment White Mud “Pepper” Treatment

Purifying package (2 days) – €110,00

  • Day 1: lymph-draining massage
  • Day 2: caffeine and sea oak treatment Coffee Slim Silhouette Wrap

Hydrating package (3 days) – €170,00

  • Day 1: exfoliating ritual Soap Dream
  • Day 2: emotional and nourishing massage Ritual Candle Massage
  • Day 3: massage with Argan oil, moisturizing, anti-ageing

Sports package (2 days) – €105,00

  • Day 1: full body muscle relaxant massage
  • Day 2: anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant mud pack

Oriental package (3 days) – €165,00

  • Day 1: exfoliating ritual with soap of Aleppo Soap Dream
  • Day 2: emotional and nourishing massage Ritual Candle Massage
  • Day 3: plantar reflexology massage