Discover the beauty treatments and massages of the Hotel Garden Beauty Centre. It pampers your body and at the same time brings out new beauty, thus also acting positively on the soul. Because true beauty lies in the balance of body and soul together.

Thanks to the expert hands of our beautician, a beauty holiday in Moena is transformed into a moment of real relaxation and rebirth. From the day of your arrival we will be available in the hotel lobby or the Beauty Centre to advise and guide you as to the most suitable treatment or massage for the needs of your skin and even your soul.

You can browse and inform yourself about prices and treatments in our beauty book, or by talking directly with the beautician, which we always recommend. Our  natural products ensure visible and long-lasting results and assist us in the most important task: to relax you and make you more beautiful!

Here are all the offerings from the Beauty Farm in the Lajadira Wellness Centre:

  • Facial treatments
  • Body treatments
  • Multi-day packages

Contact us for more information and to book your personalized treatments. 


A massage technique that allows the tensions caused by stress and incorrect postures to be dissolved, stimulates microcirculation, helps eliminate toxins for a pleasant relaxing effect on all facial muscles. The “eternal youth” plant calendula oil rich in carotenoids will protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and improve your tan

Euro 35.00 – Duration 25 minutes

  • FACE AND DECOLLETÉ MASSAGE WITH ARGAN OIL – oxygenating, smoothing, moisturizing

A beauty ritual that frees the pores and eliminates impurities by deeply hydrating the skin thanks to Argan oil, favoring respiration and tissue cell turnover, and thus stimulating the production of collagen.

Euro 60.00 – Duration 50 minutes


  • MOUNTAIN PINE MASSAGE  – antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant

Swedish-inspired massage with balsamic and antiseptic properties that acts mainly on muscle and connective tissue. The anti-inflammatory effect of this essential oil relieves respiratory tract diseases and relieves muscle and joint pain.

Euro 70.00 – Duration 50 minutes

  • RITUAL CANDLE TREATMENT – moisturizing, nourishing

The best that nature has created for body care takes the form of a candle. The flame melts selected vegetable butters and oils (almonds, coconut and shea) which, through the massage, nourish, tone and deeply hydrate the skin.

Euro 70.00 – Duration 50 minutes

  • AROMA-HERBAL MASSAGE – aromatherapy

The healing virtues of aromatic plants combined with the healthy action of the massage give vigor and vitality by reducing stress. This massage tones the connective tissue by stimulating skin renewal and promoting blood circulation. (lavender, thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, lemongrass).

Euro 70.00 – Duration 50 minutes


  • TREATMENT WITH ROSE HIP OIL – moisturizing, nourishing

An Ayurvedic-inspired aromatherapy massage particularly suitable for dry, scaly, mature and in need of care. Thanks to its moisturizing and healing properties, rosehip oil is often used to soothe skin irritations, scars and dilated capillaries.

Euro 70.00 – Duration 50 minutes

  • EDELWEISS MASSAGE – anti-aging, antioxidant

Edelweiss is the flower par excellence of the Dolomites, a symbol of resilience and eternal youth. A relaxing psychosomatic massage with anti-aging and antioxidant properties, through simple, enveloping and dynamic manual skills.

Euro 70.00 – Duration 50 minutes

  • BABY-JUNIOR MASSAGE – moisturizing, relaxing

“Pamper” massage for children / teenagers with touch maneuvers that allow you to relax and rebalance the energy level and moisturize the delicate skin of the little ones. With sweet almond oil and chamomile.

Euro 25.00 – Duration 25 minutes



Localized massage on the legs or abdomen with a draining and reducing effect, or on the back with a relaxing and neuro-relaxing effect.

Euro 35.00 – Duration 25 minutes

  • SOS LEGS WITH MINT AND BLUEBERRY – draining, remodeling, refreshing

A fantastic sensation of freshness and lightness will revitalize your legs thanks to the precious extracts of menthol, camphor, centella asiatica, rusco and blueberry.

Euro 40.00 – Duration 25 minutes

  • SOS LEGS WITH ARNICA AND CALENDULA – anti-inflammatory

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and repairing properties of arnica flowers and the soothing power of calendula, your legs will find their well-being thanks to a targeted massage. Useful in case of long walks in the mountains to reactivate the microcirculation.

Euro 40.00 – Duration 25 minutes


  • HOLISTIC MASSAGE – anti-stress, decontracting

Precious wellness tool to create harmony between interiority and exteriority. Characterized by manual skills that reproduce geometric shapes useful for relieving muscle tension but above all to restore the correct posture of the spine and lower limbs

Euro 55.00 – Duration 50 minutes

  • SPORTS MASSAGE – decontracting

Massage technique that acts on the deep muscle tissue. It favors the flow of blood to the muscles and the stretching of the tissues, thus relieving contractures and muscle pain.

Euro 60.00 – Duration 50 minutes

  • AYURVEDA MASSAGE – rebalancing, energizing

Oriental-inspired massage with specific manipulation techniques aimed at restoring the balance between body and mind, through the stimulation of the chakra energy points. Promotes blood circulation and vital fluids for a rediscovered psycho-physical well-being.

Euro 60.00 – Duration 50 minutes

  • EARTH SKY MASSAGE – relaxing

A ritual that involves the extremities of the body by connecting them to calm thoughts and root emotions. It includes a scalp, face and foot massage.

Euro 60.00 – Duration 50 minutes


  • ANTI-CELLULITE & PUSH UP LEGS MASSAGE – remodeling, draining, slimming

Dedicated massage to legs and buttocks, useful for fighting water retention and reducing localized fat deposits. Performed with intense and vigorous maneuvers, it stimulates circulation and removes waste substances.

Euro 40.00 – Duration 25 minutes

  • FULL BODY SHAPING MASSAGE – remodeling, toning, firming

Specific manual skills useful for reshaping the body, fighting the localization of fat and reducing swelling of the legs and abdomen. It improves circulation and helps eliminate toxins and waste material present in the tissue.

Euro 55.00 – Duration 50 minutes


  • Day 1: Face and Décolleté massage with Argan Oil
  • Day 2: “Feet in Seventh Heaven” foot Reflexology
  • Day 3: Ritual Candle Massage

Euro 155.00 instead of 175.00

ALL OVER RELAX program (2 days)

  • Day 1: Holistic massage , anti-stress and decontracting
  • Day 2: Ayurveda massage, rebalancing and energizing

Euro 100.00 instead of 115.00

REBALANCE program (3 days)

Day 1: Earth and sky massage, relaxing
Day 2: Aroma herbal massage, aromatherapy
Day 3: Edelweiss massage, anti-aging and antioxidant

Euro 170.00 instead of 200.00

MOUNTAIN CUDDLES program (3 days)

Day 1: Rosehip oil treatment, moisturizing and nourishing
Day 2: Mountain Pine Massage, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
Day 3: Sos Legs with arnica and calendula

Euro 160.00 instead of 180.00

SPORT program (3 days)

Day 1: Mountain pine massage, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
Day 2: Sos Legs with Mint and Blueberry, draining and refreshing
Day 3: Full body sports massage, decontracting

Euro 150.00 instead of 170.00

FAMILY program (3 days)

Day 1: Mountain pine massage, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
Day 2: Aroma Herbal massage, aromatherapy
Day 3: Baby-Junior massage, moisturizing and relaxing

Euro 145.00 instead of 165.00

SLIMMING program (2 days)

Day 1: Full-Body Shaping Massage
2nd Day: Anti-Cellulite & Push-up Legs massage

Euro 85.00 instead of 95.00