Children love the snow and will be even more enchanted by it after a family holiday at the Hotel Garden. In addition to everything you’ll find at the property for your children, you’ll have even more amenities for a stunning winter getaway in Val di Fassa.

For a stress-free holiday, we have created the Garden’s Ski Kids, a childcare package and ski school aimed at children between 4 and 12 years old. Children leave at 9 am on the hotel’s private shuttle bus. They will be accompanied by our entertainers up to the heights, and by the instructors to start the group ski course. After a morning spent skiing the children will have lunch at the Chalet Valbona and then return to the property at about 2:30 pm, always accompanied by our entertainers.

For younger children or children who prefer to have fun in the snow, there are two playgrounds at altitude: Lusialand and Kid’s Paradise; at both they will be supervised by specialized staff who will make sure that they play in complete safety.

After spending the morning skiing, why not continue the fun with the other children at the Fiabilandia amusement park? Located at Sorte in the heart of Moena, it’s the ideal place to play until the evening!

Contact us for more information about your family winter holiday at the Hotel Garden in Moena.

  • At the hotel, you can book group ski courses for children with the instructors of the Italian Ski and Snowboard School, Moena
  • Rent equipment at discounted prices from our trusted renters
  • 18-hour group courses, Monday to Thursday for three hours daily, Friday full-day course with lunch with ski instructors
  • Access to swimming pool, accompanied by a parent
  • Lusialand high-altitude playground, at Alpe Lusia
  • Kid’s Paradise high-altitude playground, at the San Pellegrino Ski Area
  • Easy snow walks, suitable for even the smallest guests